Day 37: A humbling parade

Today was yet another support day, and one I’ve secretly been waiting for for quite some time now.  Today is the the culmination of Humbodlt Tennessee’s Strawberry Festival – the grande float parade.

Last night, we went shopping for decorating material, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to compete with the solid floats that people spend months on.  Luckily, our legs have taken >1 month to sculpt, and these were definitely the main attraction.  Little did we know, but the streets were lined with around 15,000 people celebrating strawberries (and us).

The riders really got into it and decorated their bikes (and themselves) to the max.  Roshan really became the main attraction with his hip-thrusting dancing, much to the crowd’s delight.

Due to the parade, the ride that day was a solid 15 miles – and people got a well deserved rest on their legs.  It’s funny that my support team seemingly draw the hard stick, and we have all the short days off and are the only group doing ALL of the planned centuries.


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