Day 40: A Day of Mammoth-sized oddities

Nashville to Mammoth Caves National Park

Our support crew did an excellent job getting us out of Nashville, avoiding both the floods and traffic.  The morning kind of had a gloomy air to it – it was misting, and there was kind of an odd mood among the group.

We were riding along nicely and keeping warm, until we hit some construction when we had wreck #3.  We unfortunately had to weave in and out of cones and signs obstructing our path on a relatively busy road.  Roshan smacked straight into a construction cone and went down two in front of me.  Pete couldn’t avoid him in time, and ran directly over him – landing hard on his wrist.  Pete and Roshan were okay physically, although Pete was probably a few MPH from breaking his wrist as it was really sore.  Roshan’s bike got the sore end of the stick, and his full carbon frame was cracked in multiple places rendering it dangerous to ride.  Luckily Pete rides a steel bike, and it was relatively unscathed.

The following pictures are for medical/legal documentation only 🙂

Bum wrist

Knee boo boo's

Bike o Steel

$2,000 crack

Huddling to keep warm

After the accident, we had an abbreviated day so we could visit Mammoth Caves.  I had recently been, and I loved it then – so knew everyone would enjoy it as a way to unwind after a stressful day.

What lies beneath?

We showered in a firehouse, and played in the locker room and on the fire trucks – showing you never really do grow up.  That evening we stayed in a county fairgrounds, and it may have been the most odd sleeping experience we’ve had.  Literally every square foot of our “barn” had some peculiar/odd to it.  Feel free to explore the pictures below.. words just can’t describe it.

Firemen hard at work

yes, that is a jeep. and no, that isn't drinking and driving.

excellent accomodations



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