Boston Graduation

The day of the ride to Cincinatti, I flew back to Boston for some marvelous graduation ceremonies.  It was weird to be a visitor in a city that I lived for 4 years, but my life is already moved back to Denver.  Catching up with friends was great and I enjoyed taking in the last bit of Boston I likely will for quite some time.

My parents make the journey out, and we stayed in a great hotel near Boston Commons.  The weather was beautiful spring, but unforunately we graduated in an underwhelming hockey arena with our reception in a multi-purpose gym.  I guess all of the 200,000+ in tuition money actually went to my education, right?  Regardless, our commencement speech was fantastic and I left that stage as a Doctor.  It was quite surreal when they read our names, and it was the first time the preface of Doctor was used.

Proud mother pre-doctoring

Really, really missing my bike

Do I look any different as a doctor?

Proud parents!

My friend Paul

Dessert platter that was destroyed 50 seconds later by myself and parents


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