Columbus Global Health Day

On Sunday, I went back to Columbus to re-join the team.  Fortunately, it happened to be two riders birthdays (Pete and Maggie), so we had something to do in the grand C-Bus.  Typical to our style, we had a themed sunglass bowling party.  As I wanted to show off my new manhood (trimmed beard and haircut), I went all out – Jersey Shore style.

I was really happy that my style also translated into one of my better bowling scores in decades (I almost broke 100), and I may try the waters of professional bowling should this whole doctoring thing not work out.

After dominating in bowling, a few of us painted C-Bus red (OSU red, that is) and went to a bar to play some cornhole.

The next day, we were busy all day with Global Health day activities.  There was a group of high school students that presented projects on the UN’s Millenium Development goals (that we base our lecture series on).  It was great to see how amazingly they integrate technology and to a much better way than I ever could.

I’m excited to get back on the saddle tomorrow for a 90+ mile ride into Athens, OH.  5 days off has given me fresh legs, and I’m excited to start riding again.


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